Google and NASA’s Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab

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A peek at the early days of the Quantum AI Lab: a partnership between NASA, Google, USRA, and a 512-qubit D-Wave Two quantum computer. Learn more at


InfiniteCyclus says:

Why does EVERY science related video end up with endless debate in the
comments about God? Please shut the fuck up about God!! It’s not that I as
an agnostic am not interested in God, but you all damn well know that we
will never prove or disprove the existence of God. It’s an endless debate
which will never be resolved! So please, spend your energy on something
more productive. And don’t do it for me. Just do it because this is
becoming just plainly pathetic. 

Google says:

Last May, in partnership with NASA, we announced the Quantum A.I. Lab, a
place where researchers from around the world can experiment with the
incredible powers and possibilities of quantum computing.

We’re still in the early, early days, but we think quantum computing can
help solve some of the world’s most challenging computer science problems.
We’re particularly interested in how quantum computing can advance machine
learning, which can then be applied to virtually any field: from finding
the cure for a disease to understanding changes in our climate.

As the team began working together this past summer, we decided to shoot
some footage and put together a short video that provides a peek behind the
scenes and introduces a few of quantum computing’s mind-bending, strange,
and undeniably awesome concepts.

If you’re curious about quantum computing, just follow this page for
updates, discussions about new research, and videos from our monthly
speaker series. 

TheRatesMusic says:

whenever scientists make figurative statements like “ask the computer” it
seems to confuse a lot of people. When the scientist says “I want to ask
the computer” or “get the computer to tell me” they mean they want to use
the computer to do experiments they can’t currently do, and so get answers
they can’t currently get.

Scientists and educators should keep this in mind. And regular people, if
what they say makes no literal sense consider they might be using an
analogy, ask for clarification.

Muddy Shoe says:

It is sad to see billions if not trillions of dollars and man hours being
feverishly used to try and disprove God. I know I know… the scientists
say the want to discover the “origin” of life but I would be willing to bet
that there are very few if none of those scientists that believe in God. So
you could say that they are trying to prove their own opinions on creation
thereby disproving God’s existence. Maybe they will us this computer to
help answer the question on how to feed Africa or how to balance the
federal budget or better yet who is it really that keeps us in a constant
state of war and conflict… but I bet they won’t. Nope they will ask it
brainy questions that have no use to anyone. 

SuparCraft says:

You say you want to ask it if we are alone or not. That is not how quantum
computers work, its basically just a super-super-computer. It does not know
the meaning of life (scratch that if it can use google it will know its 42)
it does not know all there is to know. It is just a computer, we have to
program it to harness its power which is ridiculously hard. It might be
able to find the end of pi in a year but it is not god. We still control
it. We are not being limited by computers, computers are being limited by

Ryan James says:

Where are all the black scientists?
Oh wait, that’s right…

Jacob Edward says:

“We do it because that’s what it means to be human”

with the final frame being a bagel covered with animal carcasses and stolen
animal pus filled milk that we took from an animal after force raping
them… hilarious

Luke Meiritz-Reid says:

Google and NASA’s Quantum Artificial Intelligence…:

Google Quantum Computer & NASA…Space Exploration.

What SciFi Is Made Of…Here ..Now A Reality

JWhoGaming says:

Can it run Minecraft?

Fennecbutt says:

The idiot in the chair is a fuck. As per usual Americans have to have their
duuuuuurr comedy and can’t pay attention to the actual scientists.

Thomas Samoht says:

4:45 – 5:05 – This is going to be fun: you build a supercomputer capable of
unthinkable things… yet you don’t know what to ask? Moreover, you already
know the answers to questions such as “how much will I live”, or “are we
alone”. I actually think that if you ask “him” such questions, don’t be
surprised if the repsponse will be something like “don’t bother me with
nonsense: you already know that”.

Brih Mendiola says:

These computers will not operate without the person operating. Similarly,
the whole universe will not operate without a supreme person operating. The
biggest question is what is the meaning of life. Who is behind this whole
operation? Computers will never and cannot answer this particular question
because it is constantly dependent on a particular person. 

Harvey Ibarra says:

When that guy say “with our monkey fingers and…” that shows how stupid he
really is. We dont come from monkeys scientist are soo stupid in that

NYRalltheway14 says:

I don’t know the MacBook Air is still thinner. Here’s Google trying to sell
us on some brand new computer and it doesn’t even come with a monitor. Give
up Google the chrome book sucked ass so will the “quantum computer”. I’m
definitely not buying one even if it has a “nasa” processor in it.

jaymorpheus11 says:

these people are annoying to listen to, I came on here for the computer,
not to listen to these people’s melodrama.

abdelrahman ibrahim says:

I remember the picture of the huge big room size 128 mb computer from the
60s, and then I see that and realize that maybe this thing will be in our
computers just in a decade or two, I wonder what will be coming in these
decades like this D-wave two quantum computer. long live technology !

Faffy Waffy says:

My R9 290x outperforms this

Sergio Montiel says:

How many of you here right now believe that our planet.( earth )was created
in six days, as religion does assume that it happened. How many of you
believe that we come from Adam and Eva. Religion has been fooling us around
for the whole of lot of years. 

Thomas Jacquet says:

I hope this is not AGAIN a disguised way for making money… 

MortallicA91 says:

In fact a quantum computer at its final form can do about anything.
In that time such a computer will be on the hands of the powerful people.
Who is going to save us from all their egoism?
The only thing I can think of is that that such a computer is not in X’s
house but multiple people and companies are working on it. So I hope people
will have the freedom to not take orders to do harmful acts with a quantum
Will the owner think of humanity or thoughts like “Time to find the way to
do whatever I wanted to”?
It’s currently being constructed in USA which american wouldn’t want
America to prosper and be the capital of the world?

Fiqih Trihanda says:

We don’t do it because we must, we do it because we want to know more,
understand more, achieve more, go beyond. It’s a part of our nature.

We’re simply curious about everything.

Dj Prince says:

Is this video some kind of subliminal message to go out and buy pizza
bagels? : D

niksxr says:

Can anyone tell me if this is true: we must never know exactly how a
quantum computer came up with a result, since observing the q-bits is
forbidden even in aftermath.

Somy Andriyanto says:

Welcome to Quantum Computing…

Gustavo Monaco says:

I am in love. I think I finally know what I want. 

MrC0MPUT3R says:

Ugh, go way Jason Silva.


ለጠነጰከሐሐጀሐሐገGoogle and NASA’s Quantum Artificial Intelligence…:

robbeelsas says:

Problem is that the use of a quantum computer could destabilise the world
economy as it is a model of complexity and therefore unsolveable with
conventional computers using conventional algorithms but solveable by
chaotic data processors such as a quantum computer. What this means is that
with a powerfull enough quantum pc you could build almost an exact model of
what the stock exchange will do in the future therefore making it obsolete.

Jonathan Nelson says:

Holy smokes, all the negative comments here. Gee Whiz. You think people
would be more excited about breaking the ice on some of the greatest
secrets about the inner gears and cogs of the entire universe. Quantum
computing will one day give humanity the tool to elevate number crunching
beyond levels our own brains cannot even comprehend. That has to be the
pinnacle of humanity if you ask me–the ability to question and explore. 

matthew dustin says:

But!… Can it run Minecraft?

SuperDubs11 says:

But will it run minecraft??????

Joseph Neigh says:

Doesn’t matter what you ask the quantum computer… the answer is always
going to be 42.

Christopher Castagnet says:

They should put these computers in every country to take all the correct
decisions. End corruption, poverty, hunger etc… 

Da Bost says:

Not even close. Lots missing and I not going to tell you what it is.

Yo-No says:

if it has another os besides windows than no gaming for quantum gaming

syfe45 says:

i hope NASA has a plan to send that computer out to space with a mission
to search for our next planet to colonize because it staying here may
potentially backfire on us 

Daniela Mazzotta says:

Google and NASA’s Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab
#google #quantumphysics #quantum #physics #universe #beautiful 

watershed lover Bob says:

Maybe we will find out asking questions about all the old human problems
are exactly what we do not need to know. And what we need to know is that
we are it. Although solving complex technical questions on energy, science
, medicine, and most of important of all to government advanced weaponry is
important. Advanced weaponry is a sad by product of this technology but it
will be the first likely use.

Googly Kat says:

Imagine if this thing was used for bitcoin/litecoin mining

MrGridStrom says:

Can we see it in action?

florin zaharia says:


Earthos_TV says:

Google and NASA’s Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab

Junkers says:

How would your program a computer that has variables which exist in
multiple states?

Eugene Ovsyanik says:

What is the music @ 1:56?

Tanner Rodriguez says:

They forgot to answer the most important question…. can it run Crysis 3?

Fabio Lenzi says:

This video makes me think about where we can go using only our
intelligence..this is like to be human!

Chet Rai says:

The song ive us naturel life to live.

gary terry says:

this is impressive… and teh best comment ever… “yea but will it run
crysis 3” priceless! :)

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