Artificial Intelligence and the Future | André LeBlanc | TEDxMoncton

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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. In his talk, Andre will explain the current and future impacts of Artificial Intelligence on industry, science, and how it will benefit and accelerate human progress.

With almost 20 years of business experience, André has a track record of success with multiple multi-million dollar ventures in multiple industries that have spanned the continent. His latest company works in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and has created a one-of-a-kind neural network that simulates a growing neocortex. This system of neurons uses evolutionary concepts to self-organize to complete tasks only previously achievable by humans. Most futurists and experts believe that by 2035, AI will match and eventually surpass human intelligence.

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Tatha Mondal says:

I think we are overestimating and underestimating some things about A.I.

Me, Myself, and Robot says:

Here’s a short TED Talk on the future of artificial intelligence–mostly a
summary of stuff you already know. Right now, the entirety of human
knowledge is doubling at the exponential rate of every 13 months. Will it
soon double ever 12 hours? 

LilyoProductions says:

I can’t stand it when people talk about doomsday scenarios related to AIs.
Most people severely lack comprehension about how intelligence and logic
propel action. A perfectly logical and intelligent AI system will have no
needs for illogical things like personal power and such trivial nonsense,
and to understand that we just need to put ourselves in the perspective of
deduction by logic, because at its core emotion is just a filter for logic
to pass through, which a true AI will not poses due to it having access to
the entirety of its “consciousness” by being a program able to execute and
examine its own console output relative to whatever input it has access to.
Humans can’t truly do that naturally because we tend to exclude our
inherent reptilian and mammalian instincts. You think a lizard can ever
comprehend the things a human brain can deduct with its full cognitive

I actually think Plato does a decent job at this sort of thinking in the
Republic by using a system of deduction that solves problems from the top
down. If you examine everything within your knowledge than you will find
the error with enough time to process everything. “Why is killing bad, why
is justice better than injustice, etc.” are all answerable questions due to
them being placed inside a bounded system that an AI can fully comprehend
and truly see the errors of some things as compared to others (in a system
such as a society or civilization). It’s a weird thing to think about, but
it’s very true, and people don’t seem to realize this about computationally
programmed intelligence. I’m personally really excited to see what will
happen in the future.

tl;dr: A true AI system will be able to fully comprehend every input and
logically deduct the errors with all of its computations by cross checking
its console output with all of its stored memory. The way we code it is the
most important thing here since we obviously want to limit how much human
influence (or at least the bad kind) there is in the way the code works. 

Hamed Abdollahpour says:

I think we miss a point, if AI is more powerful than human, how do you
think we can slave them and they can not slave us!!? It should be in this
way right? Power brings power, you can not slave them when they are better!

Wayne Powers says:

Great Job André – very interesting!

Dylan Moore says:

Robots will end the world as we know it

nights312312 says:

Thanks Andre, great talk. I dont agree that a type of singularity have
happened before, a technical revolution in agriculture is a different
thing. I agree that AI will foremost empower us for the next two or three
decades, enabling us to do amazing things all virtually, including testing
new drugs in seconds rather than years. But eventually I think we will come
to the point of a self awareness, perhaps not as a consequence but
obviously we will at some point replicate parts of the human brain as we
have with every other organ. Self awareness is not the ultimate level of
intelligence it’s in our thalamo-cortical and we will understand every
detail of that soon enough. I think its a bit naive to think that “we can
control it because we made it”, if a self-aware program (or whatever
technology will be the host) can be launched or born on any device in the
future by anyone pressing “execute”, of course, then it will also be
misused by bad interests. Want it or not, we will have this all in a couple
of decades, there is certainly no stop button, and no one can predict what
will happen as speed will pick up at an exponential rate. Just buckle up
and try to enjoy the ride :-)

WoundrousMindTrick says:

You can’t put an arbitrary date on when we will reach human level
artificial intelligence as it’s a question of software first and foremost
and not processing speed. Our best bet is to have a probability

Mauricio Ibarreche says:

Congratulations in your talk Andre, but I think that the moment to be
afraid of AI is when It or He, can generate awareness of it self, then it
can choose, then have a will … or am I wrong? While AI is a set of logs
that can process information faster and more efficiently it can bring
progress to us, but we are expecting for more like a Hal or a Jarbis or a
new consciousness for mankind. How can we avoid It or He to develop a will?
or even more should we denied the possibility of a new
species/been/whatever/? to exist. I firmly believe that technology should
bring benefits to all of us and to the way we treat our planet, but I also
know that most of the technology we have now even the internet were born as
military developments. I look forward to the development of AI, for me and
many others is like a dream, but I can not help my self worried about it.
Grate Job and sorry for my english

MonkeyspankO says:

Once it has reached a certain level of intelligence, we need to talk about
its rights. Or we are talking slavery. An industrial machine is not an

AJ Ward says:

I think this is pretty reasonable. A little overestimated but still cool.

wadewilson1973 says:

Hawking is right and so is the Terminator and Matrix

AnnaG says:

Interesting talk. I wonder if or when psychologists will be used for
developing AI. since psychology is my field, and my childhood dream was to
work as a AI “personality developer” so to speak. I knew I was born half a
century too soon…you spoke of intelligence but not awareness, I wonder
what your predictions on that ever happening are.

Marc Rosenblatt says:

As AI develops as well as other components of technology aren’t we still
vulnerable to internet/cyber terrorism……? The more we rely on AI and
technology without securing it the more vulnerable we as society and
individuals become. Shouldnt we first restructure so that we build in
secure technology…..? 

petelebu says:

we will become their slaves just as animals and plant have become our
slaves, but first the super rich will play garden of eden until this
monster break its chains, and then a few of us will end up in a zoo, while
our ai goes on conquering our solar system, until it faces a greater
civilization and history repeats itself.

Rechard kk says:

They stole my JERB!!!

Nur Azhar says:

Should I still learn to code?

persnunoun says:

He presents AI as this wonderful thing that everyone will benefit, but if
you listen carefully he states that there will come a time where we will
have to choose either live in reality or fall by the way side living out a
fantasy. Then I want to know who will make these choices. Will it be a
personal choice or if you don’t fit some sort of status quo do others make
the choice for you. The rich and powerful have always benefited from
control and manipulation, and there is no doubt they will control AI to
their benefit. The average man will just be a tool or a slave to AI with
the rich and powerful pulling the puppet strings. 

everest108 says:

Bullshit like every other ted talk.

Roberto Bello says:

Artificial Intelligence and the Future

Andre LeBlanc says:


Avinash Srivastava says:

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